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If you prefer your splash cymbals to respond extremely fast and very bright, with strong, penetrating cut, the 10” AAX Splash may be for you! Punchy and penetrating, it cuts through the loudest music, and works extremely well in modern musical genres – from metal to hip-hop, the AAX Splash delivers the goods.

What is it Good For?

Very few cymbals focus on projecting pure, bright and shimmering sounds like AAX. It’s a sound that’s ideal in the studio and ideal on stage. The 10” AAX Splash is no exception. An extra-thin model, it’s transparent, extremely bright and very fast, ensuring penetrating power that cuts in any setting. So you can take it onstage with the confidence that your perfectly-timed accents get heard. Or take it to the studio – this is a cymbal that practically EQ’s itself. Your bandmates – and the recording engineer – will love you!

Sabian AAX – Modern Bright

AAX changed everything! Before AAX, most cymbals were manufactured using processes that had been around for centuries. AAX was the first B20 Bronze cymbals designed and manufactured using completely modern lathing and hammering techniques. The result? Increased brightness, cut and musicality – for the widest dynamic range ever achieved. And suddenly, the bright, explosive tone of AA cymbals was available even at low volume. AAX uses hand-guided, high-pressure hammering for instant, bright responses. Pinpoint lathing is used to achieve increased sensitivity and wide dynamic range – even at low volume. And the high profile shape delivers cutting, high-pitched tone. In the studio or on stage, in every style of music, only AAX delivers such consistently bright, crisp, clear, and cutting responses. AAX is the ultimate Modern Bright sound!

Hand-Crafted – Every Step of the Way

Like all SABIAN B20 Cast Cymbals, the 10” AAX Splash begins its life in the Foundry, where a centuries-old family process is used to create the most musical and durable of all cymbal alloys. Inside the Foundry, SABIAN metallurgists combine carefully measured amounts of Copper, Tin and Silver, heat it to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, and pour it into casts. At this stage, it’s hard to believe these castings will eventually become a penetrating cymbal like the AAX Splash. But first, they must go on a journey through Multi-rolling for intensity, Hammering for tone, Lathing for enhanced response and projection, and a final Aging process in the legendary SABIAN Vault for optimum sound. In a sense, it’s a journey that’s only complete when you play the cymbal of your choice ? an evolution from idea to reality. It is this process – innovation blended with traditional cymbal-making – that allowed AAX to make history as the first modern cymbal concept in B20 bronze.

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