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The Yamaha YSS-475II soprano saxophone is described as an intermediate sax but is based on Yamaha professional soprano saxophones and shares many similar characteristics to the Yamaha Custom EX model.

The YSS-475II soprano saxophone delivers an outstanding sweet tone, great response and impressively accurate intonation not commonly found in other intermediate soprano saxophones.

The Yamaha YSS-475II soprano saxophone has a gold lacquer body and comes in a light-weight backpack style case and is supplied with Yamaha SS-4C mouthpiece, ligature, cap and accessories.

The main features of the Yamaha YSS-475II soprano saxophone include:

  • Gold lacquer body
  • Adjustable thumb hook
  • Key: Bb
  • High F# key
  • Front F key
  • Tapered with head pivot screws
  • Yamaha SS-4C mouthpiece
  • Light-weight backpack style case

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