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With Class-D amplification, the PX5 is capable of providing an incredibly powerful, reliable performance housed within a lightweight enclosure. The amplifier components are compressed into a single chip and allows real-time signal transfers to generate excellent sound quality and power. Combining the classic Yamaha digital signal processing technology with Class-D amplification results in an extremely efficient power amp with low noise, high-quality protection and outstanding sound quality.

Unrivaled Signal Processing

Users can setup the PX5 with ease thanks to the intuitive LCD display and the wealth of control options provided. Each PX model features an integrated PEQ, crossover, filters, delay and limiter functions. With innovative D-CONTOUR processing, users can consistently maintain high-quality sound full of clarity at any output level.

Simple Setup

There are two setup modes onboard the PX power amplifiers, ideal for any level of sound engineer. The basic setup mode offers simple setting options for a quick and stress-free experience whilst the advanced mode offers users precise control over every detail within the sound. To reduce setup time even further, there are 8 integrated programmable presets that can even be transferred via USB to other PX amplifiers.

Intelligent Config Wizard

The Config Wizard component further streamlines the setup process. Users choose the filter and crossover settings for the speakers in use and the Config Wizard completes the setup. There are also presets designed for use with a wide variety of Yamaha passive speakers such as the CBR Series. Furthermore, the advanced setup mode lets you fine tweak the configuration to your ideal settings by altering parameters such as input routing, sensitivity, amp gain and speaker impedance.

Included In The Box

  • 1 x PX5 Power Amplifier
  • 1 x AC Power Cord
  • 1 x Owner's Manual
  • 1 x Technical Specifications
  • 1 x AC Plug Clamp
  • 1 x USB Cap


  • Proprietary Class-D & processing technology
  • Speaker presets
  • Wide variety of DSP functions including D-CONTOUR processing
  • CONFIG WIZARD for optimal configurations
  • Flexible onboard PEQ, crossover, filters, delay & limiter functions


  • Output Power
    • 8Ω: 500W x 2
    • 4Ω: 800W x 2
    • 2Ω: 500W x 2
    • 8Ω/Power Boost Mode: 800W x 1
    • 4Ω/Power Boost Mode: 1400W x 1
  • Internal Sampling Frequency Rate: 48kHz
  • A/D D/A Converters: 24-Bit Linear, 128 Times Over Sampling
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.1 Percent (1kHz, 10W), 0.3 Percent (1kHz, Half Power)
  • Frequency Response: ±1.0 dB (1W, 8Ω, 20Hz to 20kHz)
  • S/N Ratio: 100dB (A-Weighted, 8Ω, Gain Setting = +14dBu)
  • Crosstalk: Less Than -60 dB (Half Power, 8Ω, 1kHz, Vol Max Input 150Ω Shunt)
  • Voltage Gain Sensitivity
    • 8Ω Volume Max: 32.0 dB/+6.3 dBu (Gain Setting: 32 dB), 26 dB/+12.3 dBu (Gain Setting: 26dB), 34.3 dB/+4 dBu (Gain Setting: +4 dBu), 24.3 dB/+14 dBu (Gain Setting: +14 dBu)
    • 8Ω Volume Max / Power Boost Mode: 34.0 dB/+6.3 dBu (Gain Setting: 32 dB), 28.0 dB/+12.3 dBu (Gain Setting: 26 dB), 36.3 dB/+4 dBu (Gain Setting: +4 dBu), 26.3 dB/+14 dBu (Gain Setting: 14 dBu)
  • Maximum Input Voltage: +24 dBu
  • Input Impedance: 20kΩ (Balance), 10kΩ (Unbalance)
  • I/O Connectors
    • Speaker Output Ports: Neutrik SpeakON NL4 x 2, Binding Post x 2 Pairs, 1/4'' Phone (TS) x 2
    • Line Input: XLR-3-31 x 2, 1/4 Phone (TRS) x 2
    • Others: USB 2.0 Standard-A Connector (Female) For Save/Load, Speaker Preset Update, Firmware Update With USB Memory; AC Inlet x 1 With AC Cord Clamp
  • Indicators: Power x 1 (Green), Alert x 1 (Red), USB x 1 (Green), Protect x 2 (Red), Clip/Limit x 2 (Red), Signal x 2 (Green); Auto LED Off Feature
  • Processors: D-CONTOUR, Delay, HPF/LPF With Polarity Control, Speaker Processor 6-Band PEQ With Limiter and Delay
  • Latency: 1.5 msec (Analog Input To Speakers)
  • Presets: 8 User Amplifier Presets
  • Protection Circuit
    • Load Protection: Power Switch On/Off, Output Mute, Output Voltage Protection, Over Voltage Limiter, DC Fault, Power Supply Shutdown
    • Amplifier Protection: Thermal, Output Limiter, Output Mute, Integrated Power Limit
    • Power Supply Protection: Thermal, Output Limiter, Power Supply Shutdown
  • Amplifier Class: Class-D, Balanced Output Circuit (BTL)
  • Cooling: 16 Step Variable Speed Fan x 2, Front To Rear Airflow
  • Power Consumption: 230W (1/8 Max Power, 4Ω, Pink Noise At All Channels), 55W (4Ω, Idling)
  • Weight: 6.9 kg
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 88 mm
    • Width: 480 mm
    • Depth: 388 mm

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