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The NT-USB USB Microphone from Rode is a cardioid, side-address USB microphone that is capable of capturing audio in up to 16-bit/48kHz resolution. It has an integrated headphone amplifier and 1/8" stereo headphone jack that allows for monitoring. The on-mic Direct Mix Control allows you to select between mic input and source input for monitoring. 

This microphone doesn't need any special software drivers to work with your PC or Mac. Thanks to the many years of Rode experience when it comes to noise reduction, the 16-bit analog/digital convertor works just fine. The frequency response looks a bit like the famous Shure Sm57 and Sm58. The microphone suits vocals very well. 

The NT-USB is compatible with Apple iPad and iPhone with the use of an optional connection kit. Included with the mic are a pop shield, a tripod desk stand, a ring mount, a 20-foot long USB cable, and a storage pouch.

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